Wednesday, August 04, 2021

How to Bet the Flop in No Limit Hold’em

Knowing how to bet on the flop is one of the most important things to learn in the game of Texas Hold’em when you are applying your poker strategy. The flop brings 3 community cards that are shared by the players remaining in the hand who haven’t folded pre flop.

This can dramatically change who has the winning hand and who may have the best drawing hand. Having a hand like pocket aces with one a red diamond and one a red heart isn’t that fantastic when you are looking at a flop like (J-10-9) all clubs and facing 3 opponents. With the two red aces you are looking at either a check fold strategy or folding to a raise.

After the flop is on the poker table you can start to look at what your options are and draws that may be available to you. A basic example is that you may have flopped the best hand like a straight, a flush or a full house and would like to take the simple poker strategy of checking the flop hoping to induce a bet from one of the other 강남홀덤 players yet to act behind you, so you can then re raise to either get them to put more money in the pot or fold so you can take the hand. An advanced way of doing this against either professional players or poker players that you are regularly up against is that you can bet out strongly with the best hand. What this could do is cause confusion to the other players and they will think that you actually have a drawing hand that may make them re raise to try and push you off the draw or call you down with a lesser poker hand.

Playing a big drawing hand can be very effective if you get the right flop and can put your opponent on an over pair to the board. Let’s say that the flop came down (J-10-9) all clubs and you are holding a hand of Ace-Queen with the Ace of clubs.

This is a fantastic drawing hand as you now have a straight draw and the best flush draw. You need either 3 of the remaining Kings or 3 of the remaining Eights to make a straight (Supposing you opponent hasn’t got any of them) as well as 9 of the remaining clubs in the deck to make your flush.

If the information you know about your opponent is that he is a tight player and raises very little from early position, you could put him on a couple of hands and start to out play him on the flop. In this scenario you could say he may have poker hands ranging from A-A, K-K, J-J, A-K, or 10 -10, for the other player to have Q-Q may be very unlikely as you are holding a Q in your hand. For this example you manage to read him for holding a pair of Aces and you now know he doesn’t have a club because you have the Ace of Clubs.

From here you can assess if it is good for you to raise them all in or call them down to the river to catch your draw. For this poker hand it is best to re raise, so this way you gain an extra way of winning by having your opponent consider folding their hand rather than just relying on catching your draw and having to go to a showdown. The advance way of playing this board if you have totally missed the flop is to have a really good read on your opponent and raise them anyway by bluffing. If you can see that they are afraid of what the flop has presented and force them to think that they are already beat, they will fold.

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