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Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs – The Meanings Revealed

In these days cherry blossom tattoos designs have increased in popularity among tattoo enthusiasts. This running after separate cherry blossoms tattoos has given rise to a high interest within the meaning and symbolism of cherry flower in both Japanese and Chinese cultures.

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Since tattoos are very private things they may say a lot about the person so it is important to obtain the appropriate tattoo for the right motive. As the cherry flowers mean various things in Japanese and Chinese society you should be aware that people in those environments might respond quite differently when they see it.

Cherry Blossoms In Japan

Japanese cherry flowers, known as Sakura are Japan’s unofficial national flower. For many centuries the flowering of these blossoms has been celebrated and has been a remarkable part of the Japanese culture trái cherry.

Cherry flowers represent the transience of lives because of their extremely short period of blooming. Falling flowers are considered to be metaphors for fallen warriors who perished courageously in a battle. This association with death is very symbolic in Japan and has been used in traditional art there for many centuries, together with the latest anime or manga.

Alternatively, it can give you a new vision of the fragility of life and help you make the most of your short time on this earth.

Chinese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

In Chinese culture, cherry flower signifies power, is a symbol of feminine dominance. If you are a powerful woman who values her freedom and liberty or if you have recently come out of a difficult relationship it’s a good idea to get a flower tattoo.

Is also good to know that cherry blossom is given as a gift in China as a symbol of love.

Getting a real thought of your Cherry Blossom Tattoo

In cherry blossom tattoo designs there are not many various designs available so the best way out is taking into account the different varieties of cherry flower for tattoo designs.

Somei Yoshino is the most general cherry tree in Japan who has largely white flower, with only the faintest idea of pink petals. This may be one of the best tattoo designs for women. This may be one of the best cherry blossom tattoo designs for women.

Another wonderful variety of cherry flowers is Yaezakura.The difference from somei yoshino consists in it big size. These flowers are rich pink color and the petals are thick.

There are a variety of cherry that we are very familiar: weeping cherry (shidarezakura). If you want to have an extensive cherry flower design I strongly recommend shidarezakura.

In conclusion, whichever cherry flower tattoo designs you choose,remember to get suitable tattoo care as only with adequate tattoo care you will be capable to represent and flaunt the beauty of your cherry blossom tattoo!

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