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How to Fix Light Timer Switches

Light timers are a great way to save energy. These timers have the tendency to control the operation of different electric appliances like lights, fans, or other electronic devices. They are extremely simple and flexible to use. Although many different types of timers are available in the market, but all of them mostly work under a same principle. You might at times feel difficulty in understanding the functions and operations of the timer, but manuals are there to guide you and it can be easy for you once you go through those manual guides.

Required Items

– Light timer
– Wall outlet
– Light or other electronic device


Conventional Timers

1. Directly connect the manual timer into the wall outlet. Usually a switch operates the outlet. If you have that switch make certain that is it on.

2. Non-digital timers usually have a big dial 百達翡麗價格 that indicates the time. Adjust the current time by turning the dial. Note that different brand names may have different procedure for time adjustment.

3. After adjusting the current time, set the preferred time for lights to turn on. Locate a colored plastic key on the slot, which is used to set the preferred time. Set nearest possible time that you want to set for your lights to turn on.

4. Similarly adjust the time for lights to turn off. A colored plastic key is used on slot to set the turn off time for lights. Set your preferred time on the timer. Sometimes more than one keys are there to set multiple times for lights to turn on or off on the set time within same day.

5. Connect the light to the timer and turn on the light. If the timer is working properly, the light will not turn on. This ensures that the timer will now control the turning on and off of the light and allow the light to turn on or off on set time.

Digital Timers

1. Digital timers are simpler, easy and supple than conventional timers. It is suggested to read the instructions carefully given in the manual before setting digital timer. Digital timers have some special features to schedule weekly program.

2. Open the menu and exactly set the time when you want to turn your light on. With digital timer you can set an exact time distinct from manual timer.

3. Now set the off time in the same manner you did the on time.

4. Many digital timers have the feature of setting a schedule. If your timer has one, set the weekly schedule for your lights. You can find the option in the same menu.

5. In the end connect the time to plug and turn it on. Now onwards your timer will take care of turning your lights on and off.

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