Thursday, December 02, 2021

Free Criminal Background Check Services – How Good Are They Really?

There are many free criminal back check services. With rising crime all over the place and even teachers, childminders and employees trying to hide under the radar you need to know what they have been up to.

In the current financial climate people are committing more and more dangerous and violent crime and on the other side of the coin people are trying to save money and avoid these people. It makes sense then to check up on people and make sure you know who background removal service you are dealing with, and not to get any nasty surprises.

Would you want to leave your child alone with someone who has done jail time or employ a violent criminal who will punch your head clean off your shoulders over the tiniest dispute? Would you want to
meet a guy or a girl only to find out their only intention is to empty your bank account?

Free checks appear to be the answer. But are they?

The reason a number of these free criminal background check services are free is because they make all their revenue from advertising and mostly anyone is allowed to update their databases. In some cases, the public are allowed to make changes. People with criminal records have been known to remove their names and add names of people they do not like.

One site was found to have the names of serving police officers on it, that had been added maliciously. What if names of criminals have been removed and you end up employing a dangerous criminal whose only intention is to rob you.

Personally I would rather spend the cost of a burger and coffee on a secure check on a paid database that is accessible only to people who have been properly screened.

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