Monday, October 18, 2021

Raw Foods – Been Dong it For 33 Years Without Realizing It (Maybe You Have Too)

I recently experienced huge health improvements when I went on a strict vegan organic raw foods regimen to cleanse the gunk out of my body, mind and spirit. Since I loved the results in how I feel and look I decided to spend more time eating raw foods than cooked items.

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So I went online to find recipes to prepare. What I found shocked me. Many of the online recipes now touted as raw food recipes (because they are indeed raw foods) are the same foods I made all the years my kids were growing up. Without the raw food hype we witness today I just never thought about all the foods as being raw as opposed to cooked.

So now I realize that making the shift away from mostly cooked meals to mostly raw foods will be way easier than I had anticipated. So you don’t have to go crazy finding which are the best raw food sites (some are better than others) let me throw out some general suggestions I have been preparing or very many years 먹튀사이트.

I love nuts and seeds. So I have always made nut butters. When my kids were small we had an actual peanut butter maker that I used for all kinds of nuts. After it broke I found using a coffee grinder also works for making nut or seed butter.

Blenders do not really work as they make fine granules but do not seem to release the natural buttery fat that makes the difference between ground nuts and nut butter.

So you can eat the nuts and seeds whole or ground or as nut butter.

Another very tasty way to eat nuts and seeds, in my opinion, is to sprout them. You do not need to go out and buy expensive special sprouting kits or jars. Take whatever jar you have and unbleached cheesecloth. You rinse then soak the nuts over night then drain them through the cheesecloth that protects the seeds.

Oh yes, you need to buy RAW seeds if you want them to sprout. I know that is obvious but I felt a need to point it out since you often have to kook to find RAW sunflower seeds.

Ah but here is a surprise. You can also sprout grains and beans. While grains may not be optimal to eat as flour, sprouted grains have so much nutrition that companies make raw breads just from sprouted grains – the Essene bread found in most health food stores is one variety.

Having raised a child with severe allergies to dairy protein I created all kinds of non-dairy ice creams for her simply by freezing fruits then putting them into the blender with a drop of juice. For extremely, for a creamy rich treat freeze and blend bananas. You won’t even want ice cream after savoring that delight! Of course you can then add your favorites like nuts, raisins, fruits to the creamed bananas!

Want an energy pick-me-up? Put nuts, seeds and various dried fruits into a meat grinder.

Let your imagination go wild using different combinations. You won’t be able to keep those luscious treats on hand.

You see, just knowing your way around your kitchen lets you become a raw food cook instantly. Simply take a few moments to think about what you already serve that you do not cook.

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