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Jewelry Fair in Hong Kong Mid 2010 Experience

Although this was an international exhibition, our relatives in jewelry business told us that it is a less crowded period and would be good for training visitors. Our relatives kindly allowed us to print our cards using their business name and address as the exhibitors needed us to submit our name cards with the registration form.

Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation - An Introduction - China Checkup

We noticed a school teacher in queue with more than 50 students from Korea. There were several visitors from India and countless from Asia and other parts of the western continents.

We waited at least one and a half hours for our turn. We noted there were traders from Hong Kong, China, India, Israel, Italy, Singapore, USA, etc. This was our first time attending a jewelry fair and we were a little concerned over our attire. We were asking each other and decided to be moderately dressed eventually. This proved to be right 開公司費用. Many are not particularly bothered in fact. Joyce added one or two of her jewelry items to look a little more professional and serious. Well, I only had my usual white gold necklace and a tiny blue sapphire stones pendant.

We did a fleeting walk all around. Saw that there was nothing in particular Joyce wished to acquire. We moved on to the next floor and the next. Joyce was not keen in diamonds as she loves natural semi-precious stones better. As such we decided to give the diamond hall a miss. We stopped at a dine-in kiosk for a fruit juice and sandwich to rest our legs for half an hour and carried on for another two hours and decided to come back the following day for some serious purchasing.

I love the MTR system in Hong Kong. Very easy to move around. We alighted at one of the shopping centres, had some popular noodles and pastries at one of their economical eating outlets. We did some window shopping and then returned to the hotel.

The following day, we were focused and went straight to the floor to look at the items Joyce wanted. We are Christians and before we set out, we usually pray for God’s protection and wisdom. To be honest, I do not have much knowledge of these precious or semi-precious stones or metals. I only move along and kept Joyce company. The LORD kept watch over us. I only knew to hear His guidance. I am saying this because we experienced amazing events.

I carried a backpack and usually walked behind Joyce. As we passed a particular kiosk, I suddenly felt strong tingling icy cold water literally being splashed onto my legs. Well, I was wearing socks and covered shoes and long tailored pants. When Joyce stopped by in eager interest at their products, I felt the urge to tell her to be cautious. After some 15 minutes, she decided to move on. I therefore didn’t tell her.

We next passed a kiosk that was marketing all the shells and pearls stocks. There were a lady and two men who sat around and talked to each other. Joyce decided to pick several strands and moved two feet away to select more from another lot. I stood with Joyce and suddenly had a nauseating reaction. God, are you indicating something to me? I didn’t tell Joyce and waited. While Joyce was still picking, one of the men stood up, picked up what Joyce had selected and put them back into the pile that Joyce picked. I pointed it out to her. Joyce became agitated and asked that we move on.

Subsequently, we passed another kiosk. This time around, I felt icy cold water being splashed over my head. The chill ran down my spine. I touched my head to warm and un-numb it. I felt that I needed to move my backpack in front of me and did so. When Joyce indicated interest in the multi-coloured strands of stones, I stopped her. I told her to move on. She was puzzled and we turned a corner to the next lane. I related the past three incidences and she was quite taken aback.

Joyce gently rebuked me and reminded that I must tell her. I told her that I would stop her from committing to the purchase if I had such indications. From then on, she was put on alert, too. As soon as we finished our conversation, I told her I smelled strong burning of incense. Joyce had me look to the right and we were surprised to see a row of 3 enclosed kiosks that had assortment of religious idols and ornaments on the shelves. We looked into the glass shelves and casing but didn’t see any incense burners or sticks. The queasy thing’s that we were standing on the glass-encased side.

We moved to the next lane and the next. This time around, Joyce stepped into a big square kiosk made up of at least four open units. Looked like a whole island of seashells and pearls. They had 2 female and 3 male on that island. I was more alert now. I told Joyce to move on as the men looked like some devouring animals, chunky and brutal looking. Joyce said something I thought laughable. She said maybe they are fishermen. I asked her to look at their complexion and said, “Have you seen fishermen without a tan? Isn’t it questionable?” We had a good laugh. That was another lesson of wisdom we were given by God. Honestly, I am not so smart!

Well, Joyce finally bought several kilos of seashells, pearls, etc. We also visited a hall that sold other accessories and gift boxes and such like.

Friends, if it is going to be your first time visiting the jewelry exhibition, we recommend that you go on the second day. We observed that the visitors need not queue for more than 15 minutes to do their registration.

Dress code: we also noted that we need not be elaborate. Be comfortable. Not many are keen to know the jewelry you put on, too. I must compliment Joyce for the effort as she looked good with her ornaments and the traders noticed her to wish to show her more of their unique designers’ collection. So, if you are shopping for special pieces, you may want to do some embellishing, please.

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