Monday, October 18, 2021

Photo Booths Bring Teen Birthday Parties to Life

Planning a birthday party becomes far too complicated when your child reaches the teenage years. They no longer want to limit their birthday celebration to close family members and homemade cake. They want to celebrate with their friends, and they want activities that are not lame. They want to be talked about at school in a positive light, not because their party was a snooze. This is why many parents are now turning to the photo booth hire to bring teen parties to life.

What Is a Party Photo Booth?

Photo booths hired for parties are just like booths enjoyed at carnivals, street festivals, and many local malls. Guests climb into the booth alone or in groups and pose for pictures. The pictures are printed instantly from the side of the machine. The difference is booths hired for parties typically offer prints in color or black and white, and usually print two copies of every picture. One copy is given instantly to party guests, while the other is saved for the birthday girl to enjoy.

Another difference between a photo booth brought in for a party and those found in public is the option to record video messages. The best booths allow guests to leave video recordings that will later be enjoyed by the birthday girl.

Teenagers Love Photos

If you have a Facebook account, you know that teenagers love to take photos of themselves and their friends. This is exactly why these booths are so popular for teen birthday parties. Rather than taking all of their pictures with their cell phones and posting them online, they can take pictures in the booth and have real picture strips to san francisco photo booth hang in their lockers or simply display in their bedrooms. The birthday boy or girl gets a copy of every picture taken, so they can easily create a scrapbook of their party.

A booth allows more people to get into each picture than you can typically squeeze into a cell phone picture, and the pictures will be more detailed. There are some booths that open up to take pictures of large groups as well. This is a great option for teenagers who want to gather all of their friends to take goofy pictures that can be passed around school and laughed at for many months to come.

For those who prefer to display their pictures online, these pictures can be scanned into a computer and displayed on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites.

Teen Tested, Parent Approved

There aren’t many things that teens and parents both approve of, but the photo booth hire is one of the few. Teens love that they can take fun pictures at their party, so the event never gets boring. Parents love that they can see what is happening at the party, since a copy of all pictures is delivered at the end of the party. The booth is not big enough for forbidden activities, and it keeps teens in the appropriate party space without requiring parents to track them down as they wander off.

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