Monday, October 18, 2021

Speak the Language of Flowers With Valentine’s Day Roses This Year

The language of flowers has long been used through the ages to show many emotions without even being present at the time. Sending someone flowers can have a hidden message, and if both parties speak this “language” of flowers, many messages can be sent without even saying a word. It is not always about love or heartfelt feelings, either; did you know that marigold can often mean pain and grief, carnations can mean refusal, and trefoil can mean revenge? The language of flowers is not always negative, however; for the most part the language of flowers is all about love and promise and lasting feeling.

It is no surprise then that roses can have meaning too when speaking the language of flowers. Roses are a traditional gift for someone you either hold a secret admiration for, or have been with for many years. Valentine’s Day roses are traditional, but did you know that they may have more meanings than just “Happy Valentine’s Day”?

Retailers sell more roses on Valentine’s Day than any other day of the year. The tradition may have started with a suitor’s desire to say something to a potential lover with roses, whether with yellow roses of friendship, white roses of innocence, or the red, red rose of true love Language of desire. The language of flowers can be interpreted in so many colors; even the same color can signal different feelings, with dark pink indicating desire and passion, and light pink signifying grace. Sending your love or friend a dozen roses or a single stem can leave them wondering what you are trying to say; with a little research on the Internet about the meanings of certain colors of flowers, you can send secret messages or outright declarations of love in no time without saying a word!

On Valentine’s Day this year, why don’t you try sending the person you are interested in a cryptic message via some roses. You can start with yellow roses to indicated friendship, and mix with some white roses that could signal either your innocence, or that you want to keep this relationship secret. If you send blue roses to a person, you are indicating either love at first sight, or the mystery of the situation. If the relationship progresses beyond the innocence of white roses, orange roses can indicate your desire and passion for your partner. The subtle language of roses can continue to red roses that indicate true love and everlasting partnership. If things go really badly, however, there is even a rose color to indicate that! It would be unwise to send black roses for Valentine’s Day.

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