Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Long Range Smart Phone Hacking Via Airborne UAS Repeater Relay – New Military Tech Concept

Is it possible to intercept cell phone transmissions via an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, carefully rerouting the call to a centralized system without the individual cell phone user or smart phone user realizing what is going on? Well, this is the topic of spies and security agencies in many nations. They can intercept your e-mails, communication, and carefully modify it to fit their game plan. What if we took this entire strategy one step further? What if we could re-program people’s smart phones, or the smart phones of terrorists that were under surveillance?

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What if we could re-program smart phones with new software, basically jail breaking them from their current system, allowing them to operate directly with each other, and allowing antigovernment freedom fighters of rogue regimes complete control of their communication devices without interference from their own government who are trying to crack down on their liberty, freedom, and democracy? What if we could provide their communication system via an airborne UAS or unmanned aerial system cell tower in the sky redmi note 8?

Not only would we have the opportunity to know what they are doing so we could protect them, deliver them munitions to challenge the rogue regime, but we would also prevent some two bit dictator from killing the very freedom fighters who are fighting for the ideals of human rights in the world. Interestingly enough, it is possible to use long-range unmanned aerial vehicles to hack into smart phone devices, reprogramming them for our own purposes – either to help freedom fighters, or to program new protocols into the smart phones of the very rogue regimes which threaten the peace, or peace in the region.

There isn’t any real difficulty in making this happen. You see, most of the operating systems, software, and protocols which are programmed into mobile tech devices, especially handheld receivers like smart phone were actually created in the United States, or with our large electronic corporations in conjunction with manufacturing facilities all over the world in partnership. We have everything we need including backdoors to the software, and the actual engineering design of the chip to have complete control of any device on this planet we wish to get into.

As long as we have bad guy hackers hacking into mobile phone devices, maybe it’s time that we started hacking into the bad guys smart phones. Don’t think our enemies haven’t tried to do that to us. Maybe it’s time that we put a few cell towers in the sky, and used some of this long-range technology to accomplish some of the concepts I have described above. Please consider all this and think on it.

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