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Compelling Story of One Man’s Temptation and Transformation

“Compulsion” is the fascinating and sensational true story of one man, a chiropractor, who allowed other people’s desires to lead him down a path to self-destruction. But more importantly, this memoir tells how a man transformed his life by being responsible, working out the demons from his past, and making a resolution to live actively with intention rather than simply reacting to events around him.

Mark Svetcos is a brave man. His name has been dragged through the mud by the media, yet he is here to tell his story again. Yes, he made some mistakes. Women liked him a little too much, and he gave into the temptations they offered literotica. Although he always had consensual sex, he had sex with the wrong women, and those mistakes brought his life tumbling down. While at times it seemed like Mark was having a sex-marathon, what is remarkable is that he was able to overcome his compulsive behavior and turn his own life around. He did self-therapy, discovered where he had made mistakes, and decisively changed his behaviors. Soon, he entered into a wholesome loving relationship with a woman who became his wife.

But just as happiness entered Mark’s life, so did threats from a jealous man intent on destroying Mark’s reputation and career. What is remarkable is that nothing that misguided man did could destroy Mark’s character or internal strength. Mark had everything in the world-money, three homes, expensive cars, a flourishing business, and a position in upper-class society. He lost it all, but he refused to lose his self-respect or integrity.

“Compulsion” is more than Mark’s story; readers will see in it their own mistakes and errors, learn how to take back control of their behaviors, and find a practical guide for living their lives responsibly. In fact, Mark has written the book in conjunction with founding The Responsibility Movement. Interspersed throughout “Compulsion” are Points of Responsibility that reflect upon a situation in Mark’s story, then ask readers to reflect upon similar situations in their own lives. Here is a short example of one Point of Responsibility:

Have you ever lost a relationship due to putting too much time in other places? Do you make excuses or escape from your relationships under the guise of “having to pay the bills,” or by some other ego-based declaration? Write in your notebook the ways you escape from emotionally taxing situations. Describe the cascade of events that take place, all the way from the initial emotion, through the escapism activity, and then into how you feel after that activity. Do you feel happier, or do you feel worse? Does the escapism lift you up, or bring you down?

While reading “Compulsion,” I felt what happened to Mark was extremely unfair because he was punished after he had personally chosen to change his behavior, and after he had forgiven himself and others for the problems from his past. Yet, even in the malicious revenge from a jealous lover that he faced, Mark found a blessing because it inspired him to bring his message to others. In her memoir, “After the Stroke: A Journal,” novelist May Sarton wrote, “You have been to hell and back and you have not realized that this creates a responsibility.” Mark, like Sarton, would agree that negative experiences lead to responsibility. He has come forward to tell his story, not for personal gain, not to be sensational, but so others may benefit by learning from his mistakes how to take responsibility for their own lives.

Mark is thoroughly introspective of his situation. In my opinion, his greatest realization was that he could choose his own life, set his intentions and then bring about that life rather than reacting to those around him. I particularly enjoyed his discussion regarding quantum physics, synchrodestiny, and how our thoughts shape our world. He is a well-educated man who ties in science with philosophy and uses them to shape how he lives his life with intention and integrity.

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