Monday, October 18, 2021

How Does A Taxi Qualify For Private Hire Insurance?

Difference between private and public hire services

Taxi services are mainly of two varieties. They are private hire vehicles and public hire vehicles. Public hire vehicles are for use without having to make a booking prior to using the taxi. These taxis can be hailed anywhere are gotten into. Public hire taxis are the taxis, which you can find parked at taxi stands and outside railways or bus stations. There is no stipulation to the passengers that a public taxi can transport. Private hire taxi service, on the other hand, caters only to those people who make a prior reservation for the taxi. Reservations can be made through 的士 app 優惠 phone or internet, according to the facility of the taxi service. Private taxis cannot pick up passenger, who haven’t made previous booking for the car. The major difference between the two services are while private hire taxis can only on bookings, public hire service can pick up passengers on reservations and from taxi stands. The private hire insurance is slightly different from public hire insurance in a few regards.

Driver specification for a personal hire taxi

A driver who wishes to drive a personal hire taxi needs to have a special license that allows him to run a private taxi. The license is issued by the state department after examining the driving skills of the driver and his previous history. He will have to pass certain tests before he is given the permission to drive a private hire taxi. When you apply for personal hire insurance, the insurance company evaluates the license before deciding other factors. Moreover, a private taxi driver is supposed to wear the license badge with his photo identity on him all the time he is ferrying passengers. The driver also is responsible for maintaining a log with details about the passengers like place and time of pickup and drops off, address and phone number.

Vehicle specifications for a personal hire taxi

The first and foremost rule for a private taxi is that it should not advertise the fact that it is a taxi. Public hire taxis, on the other hand, paint their taxis in yellow or black depending upon the rules of the state. Such symbolic advertising is prohibited for a private taxi. Insurance companies check on this fact before issuing private hire insurance.

Penalty for breaking rules

A personal hire taxi has to adhere to all the above mentioned rules in order to qualify for personal hire insurance. Breaking these rules can also result in further legal implications. A driver may be penalized if he fails to wear his badge and maintain the log.

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