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What is the Main Difference Between a Conservatory and an Orangeery?


Conservatories are buildings, usually attached to a home, designed for the use of plants, shrubs and trees. A conservatory is essentially a room with tarpaulin or glass roof and walls and used primarily as a sunroom or a greenhouse. In a private residence, it would usually be attached to the home on only one side, while in public houses, conservatories rainham it is normally open on all sides. This allows the owner of the conservatory to control the amount of sunlight coming into the room as well as providing protection for against the effects of direct sunlight during summer months.

Conservatories have been around for centuries, being one of the earliest forms of building used by man. Through the ages conservatories have been adapted to different needs and have added more functionality through the addition of more glass and stone or even a combination of both. In the 18th century the conservatories were made to hold wine bottles and other wine-related equipment. These were constructed of wood, brick, stone, and the like, while others still were built entirely of wood. Today conservatories still serve the same purpose, although the emphasis has been placed more on incorporating cooling systems and heating systems as well.

While the purpose of the conservatory has remained the same, the options available to owners of conservatories have changed over time. Initially, the conservatories were mainly utilitarian structures meant to be utilized by plants during cold weather. However, the Victorian conservatories and the Edwardian style conservatories were designed with the intention of making them more welcoming and functional. They had a romantic feel about them that still resonates today. While you can still find an all-glass conservatory or one that is made out of glass with a frame, the most common option today is to choose one that is framed in glass and has a frame made out of either wood or UPVC.

Another option that is now available for conservatories is the addition of an extension. This is when additional rooms such as the kitchen, bathrooms, study area and even the entertainment area are added onto the conservatory. Although the conservatories may have an all-glass structure they can also come equipped with walls. These additions may include a partitioned section of the conservatory which may be fitted out with sliding doors, sliding windows, frosted glass walls or even panels of glass that are affixed to the wall. Of course, if the conservatory already has an extension then this will have to be added onto the existing structure.

Lean-to conservatories are also a popular option for those who are looking for a more contemporary feel in their conservatories. Lean-to conservatories are a type of conservatory that is attached onto another building such as a home, barn, or office building. They are the perfect option for conservatories that do not wish to incorporate any decorative features into the interior design and are simply looking for something that can be left as it is. A popular style of lean-to conservatory includes the Victorian or Edwardian style because they are typically very long and narrow. Some examples include those with the slatted roofs or the ones that incorporate a slatted ceiling.

A very popular type of conservatories that utilize the sunroom concept is the Edwardian or Victorian sunroom conservatory. In the Edwardian style of conservatories the walls are straight but when it comes to the ceiling the curvature is much steeper. Most of these conservatories are designed with either a curved or a flat ceiling. It will also have a glass roof but in this case it is usually a roof lantern or a glazed panel.

An extension conservatory can be used for a wide variety of things. For instance, if you are planning to make use of the sunroom for a home office you may install a small fitted bath. The same goes if you want to make use of the extension for a bedroom. Another option you have is putting a large gas or electric fire in so that you can easily keep the heat inside during the winter months. You can also install thick curtains on the walls if you don’t want any heat loss through the windows.

When you have made up your mind about what you want from your new room and are ready to start looking you will find that there are two different types of conservatories that you can choose from. You can either construct your own from scratch or you can buy ready made conservatories that are available from most builders. When it comes to conservatories that are constructed from scratch, there are plenty to choose from such as glass panels, metal roofing, tiles and even conservatory blinds. The main difference between an orangery and a conservatory is that with the former you have the benefit of an outside kitchen, whereas with the latter you only have a freestanding bathroom. When you are choosing conservatories you need to consider that they will have ventilation and lighting but also that they will add value to your home.

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