Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Misconceptions and Common Mistakes of Website Design

Building an eCommerce website can be as simple – or complicated – as you like, however, ensuring that it takes off requires you work on certain fundamentals. This article summarizes the most important of them below:

1. Simple and Functional Navigation

A complicated site withers conversions. Excess clicks, pop-up windows, and incessant categorization make your eCommerce website pesky, standing a high chance of losing customers.

Your eCommerce website design must be comfortable for all sorts of customers and somewhat familiar to what they are accustomed of using. And make sure at all costs that your website navigation is functional. Don’t kill the enthusiasm of an engaged customers with the sight of an ugly 404 Error page.

2. Lightweight Website Design

A website which takes over 5 seconds to load is hurting conversions. Desktop users are highly likely to abandon the page without even viewing the products if the webpage takes longer than 5 seconds to load. Mobile users are more patient, but only slightly.

Consumers are an impatient people. Work with an efficient hosting company if you wish to make the most of your visitors and not miss a single potential sale. Also, use lightweight web design in your eCommerce website development to use a minimal, simpler, and faster components that speed up your website load duration.

3. Solid ‘On-Site’ Search Functionality

The most profitable customers are those who visit your website with some sense of what they want. Losing them to search malfunctionality is akin to turning down easy money. Therefore it’s crucial that eCommerce website developers install high quality metadata while constructing the website.

Your website should be able to mirror the search queries of users and understand what they are looking for. If site search tools are not effortlessly leading users to their desired products within the snap of fingers, your eCommerce website needs a complete overhaul.

4. Visibly Clear Placement of Key Information

Key information that customers look for should be place in good contrast to other background information. This key ทางเข้า ufabet มือถือ information includes Call to Action buttons such as Buy Now, Add to Cart and descriptions such as Price, Features, Support Options, and Customer Comments.

Such information prompts an action from the users and its visibility increases website credibility, so do attend to such details on your website.

5. Minimal Distractions

Give your customer an uninterrupted web experience and don’t boggle them with unnecessary information. Up-sell and cross-sell at the right times, and never before. If you’re doing these two wrong you are discouraging the customer to make the purchase.

Web developers should realize less is more, give your customers white spaces and minimal, flat design rather than choking them information clutter.

6. Good Copy and Catchy Images

These two are going to play the most upfront role in convincing customers to make the purchase. Use high quality, clear, bright images that are a pleasant sight. Optimize them for Google and compress them before uploading or else they can become a menace.

Good copywriting makes your text speak. Use an active voice that reaches out to the customers and compels them to go all the way to the end of your purchase process.

No two eCommerce websites are the same for each has a unique group of target audience and market requirements. But what’s common to all is a founding base which needs great investment of time, care, and attention to details such as those mentioned above.

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