Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Above Ground Pools – Why Automatic Pool Cleaners Are a Good Purchase

For those with above ground pools, automatic pool cleaners are a great tool for those time-starved homeowners who can hardly stand to clean their pools! Looking back on all of the fun that happened with swimming parties in their above ground pools, sometimes it is hard to even remember those days when the inevitable time arrives to clean the pool. It’s always better to clean your pool regularly and on a set routine. Don’t wait until the water gets dirty to plan a time for that time-consuming and unpopular chore!

No matter what rules you’ve set up for people who swim in your pool, like rinsing off before getting in, you will need to set up a regular routine for maintaining and cleaning above ground pools. It’s just the price that every pool owner pays for the luxury of having a place to swim at home.

There are many innovations in pool cleaners on the market today. No doubt, manufacturers are always trying to make pool ownership easier and the job of cleaning the pool not as tedious as it has been in the past. There is even a high-tech self-cleaning tile for pool walls that will be available for sale soon. But automatic pool cleaners have to be one of the best innovations for saving time and making pool sanitation easier for owners of above ground pools.

Automatic pool cleaners are also called ‘pool cleaning robots’ although they really don’t resemble ordinary robots that you see in the movies. These cleaners – made up of a drive robot cleaning motor, a pump and a processor – sanitize the surface of above ground pools. The pump pulls water from the robot’s bottom where the intake valves are, up through the filter and out to the cleaner’s top outlet. In this process, debris and dirt that are on the pool surface are vacuumed into the filter section, and any larger particles or pieces of debris stay in the robot’s filter unit until after the cycle is done and the filter is removed. If it sounds like emptying a vacuum cleaner bag, that’s exactly what it’s like.

The drive motor is designed to push the automatic cleaner forward but it doesn’t lay out the route or direction that the cleaner takes once it’s inside the pool. The movement of the cleaner is pretty random in its direction as it moves across the surface of your pool. There are advanced cleaners that have a processor that remembers the size and shape of the swimming pool so that it develops its own route for cleaning the surface. This advanced model can detect the most efficient route to clean the entire pool.

There are also other types of automatic pool cleaners that are not “robotic”. These automatic pool cleaners usually hook up easily to your pool’s pump and filtration system, and come with up to 30 feet of hose. These units are strong and can pick up everything near it including dirt, leaves, small rocks and any other types of litter that end up in above ground pools.

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