Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Entertainment for the Masses and Social Media

We all love to be entertained. Whether it’s by going out to a movie, the hottest restaurant, to a concert… the list goes on… there’s nothing better than going out with your loved ones and best friends to be entertained. Over time, the ways that whatever specific source of entertainment we choose is marketed to us have changed. Let’s take a look at movies in particular 유흥알바.

When I was a teenager, I lived in a small town. We had a one-screen movie theater on Main Street. Generally, our town got a movie about two months after it was released so, unless we wanted to drive to the multi-theater complex 30 miles away, we had to wait. We’d read about the movie in magazines, and we’d see the previews on television. There was a television show called Siskel and Ebert that would tell us whether the movie was “two thumbs up” or “two thumbs down”, but usually, we didn’t believe them. We watched those critics because they showed clips of the movie.

Today, not only do we have television previews and magazine reviews of movies, we have previews in the theater sometimes a year before a movie is released. We have streaming clips online to wet your taste buds for the actual movie. We have actors working the press constantly, and attending premieres all over the world. Because of the technological world we live in, we can see it all almost instantaneously through that amazing creature known as the world-wide-web. There are websites devoted to movies, there are video games created online for certain movies. These video games can start out free, hooking someone in, and at a certain level request a payment of sorts in order to continue. It all feeds the giant entertainment beast that grows larger and larger each year.

Social media plays a large part in marketing the newest theatrical productions as well. Almost every major movie has a Facebook page, a Twitter account (and its own highly popular hashtag) before it is even released. Live interviews offering real-time commentary stream on the web almost constantly. Essentially, we are bombarded with this movie in ways we have never been before. Is this good or bad? It can be seen as both. By having more outlets on which to market a film, the entertainment industry is drawing in so many more people. This is their goal as more people equals more profit and that ball will just keep rolling. On the flip side, are we over-saturated? Is the use of multiple social media sites a bit of overkill? Do we know the general plot of the movie before it’s even released? Are we spoiled?

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