Friday, October 07, 2022

Take a Holiday Spa Trip

These holidays season, instead of being all cooped up in your place shivering from the chilly weather, why not get a good massage in a decent hotel spa or spa salon? Taking a holiday spa trip is just a perfect opportunity to allow yourself to relax and be refreshed and rejuvenated. Here are just some hotels across the Philippines which you can visit for that satisfying luxury.

Visit in Baguio City the North Haven Spa’s Strawberry Bliss package treatment, which uses strawberry based products, and fruit berries rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, both which are good for that smooth looking complexion. The Strawberry Bliss package consists of a body scrub and paraffin wax treatment, a relaxing bath with a massage, and a good facial treatment and foot scrub to top the pampering experience 펄안마.

Drive by to Bonifacio Global city and get yourself a good body scrub from the Neo Day Spa. Its Pearl Body scrub is a soothing and sleep-inducing massage technique which uses oyster shells, with a cream powder base. Besides that, they also have the Zen bodywork massage which pushes the right buttons on your anatomy’s main pressure points, and giving your body long, stroking massages.

The Mandarine Spa, located along Madrigal Avenue in Alabang, at the Casa Susana building, has a very good and relatively cheap body and foot reflexology and spa. Unlike other spa salons which dwell on luxurious but highly expensive pamperings, the Mandarine spa offers a quick, no-hassle, no-fuss treatment. They have separate rooms for privacy, divided by wooden walls. Each room has a reclining cushioned chair, with a softly-lit lamp, and a basin in which you can bathe and soothe your aching feet.

In Tagaytay, the Hot Stone massage at the Ylang Ylang Spa uses small, smooth hot stones, which when placed in the right pressure points on the body, can have a relaxing and calming effect. They use coffee grains to scrub your body expertly with these stones and when the coffee grains are rinsed afterwards, your skin will project a smoothly-tanned glow.

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