Wednesday, August 17, 2022

How to Write To the Point Text Message Marketing Messages (SMS)

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the next step in becoming a modern and technologically smart small business by using text message marketing (TMM or SMS). You’re saving money on advertising, increasing your customer base, and experiencing a higher return on your investment. Now, you simply need to hone your skills at writing these magical messages.

First, determine the purpose of your cell phone text message. Are you inviting the customer to a special event? If so, simply give the title of the event, date and time, and maybe one sentence about the purpose. If you plan on holding a grand re-opening to show off your remodeled store, say just that and tell them when to show up. A lengthy story about how and why you remodeled will simply turn customers off and reduce your turnout 분당스웨디시.

In other cases, you may use cell phone marketing to let customers know about special deals and pricing. Since your SMS list only contains customers who have opted in, they already know why you’re sending them a text message. Simply title your message, “Deals This Friday Only, 05/14,” add a brief list of items, and finish up with the new, reduced prices. There’s no need to cram any more information into these types of messages.

In today’s technological age, everyone’s into cell phone marketing for ease of use and how incredibly fast SMS works. Don’t forget that your customers are extremely busy and are more likely to skip over or delete your text message if they feel it’s too lengthy or not worth their time. Let’s be real – you do the same thing with marketing emails when they show up in your inbox, too.

If you’ve ever received a text or email from anyone under the age of 50, you know that everyone understands universal symbols and acronyms. Don’t hesitate to use these in your text messages, either. Always remember to only tell them what they must know, and you’ll find your SMS efforts blossoming throughout your business.

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