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Honeymoon-A Memorable Moment In Married Couple’s Life

When a new couple spend some time alone with each other for a few days after marriage then it is known as honeymoon. In the midst of, the couple get to know and comprehend each other in well manner. At this time only the feeling of love and mutual understanding arises in between both and for new couple getting secluded during this time, making it easier for them to have physical relations with each other. Often, there are numerous questions in everyone’s mind related to honeymoon. Both, men and women are excited for honeymoon after marriage and not only this they also spend a lot of time in wedding’s preparation to make this day special. In this article, we are going to find out more about honeymoon. Continue to read on to understand more 분당스웨디시.

What Does Honeymoon Mean?

Honeymoon refers to a state where a newly married couple goes outside to a place for the first time after marriage. Couples go outside alone to get comfortable with each other after tying the knot of marriage. Also, both understand each other well and go on with their married life. It also yield an emotional and physical connection in both men and women. According to a study, earlier, couples went for honeymoon immediately after marriage began and their honeymoon started from the very first night after the wedding. But in the current scenario, it has changed and now the couples prefer to go on honeymoon only after few days.

Both men and women are usually anxious about honeymoon so it is said that in honeymoon situation, both should talk with their partners for their hopes and fears and to vanquish the fear of mind. If women does not want to have pregnancy then they may talk openly with their partner for safe sex. It is believed that on honeymoon both men and women should not feel shyness for talking about sex etc. Below mentioned are few suggestions for the honeymoon night.

• Talk During Sexual Intercourse: It is essential for everyone to learn the art of talking in between sexual intercourse. It is obvious for both man and woman to have sexual intercourse for the first time on honeymoon night but having some affectionate talk with partner before sexual intercourse makes comfortable to both. You may make sexual intercourse very special by doing respect each other’s wishes.

• Use of Lubricant: Vaginal pain is usual to be during sexual intercourse. To lessen this pain, you may use lubricant. Use of glycerin may be avoided because of yeast infection. You may use a lubricated condom, due to additional lubricant may give you better experience.

• Men’s Fear Tend to Honeymoon: Men are also frightened for honeymoon night like women. Men have numerous skepticism about the stimulation of their penis. In such condition, you may try to please the partner with foreplay techniques. It is suggested to focus on love than sexual intercourse at that time.

• Confidence: It is very important for both men and women to build or maintain their self-confidence during this period. Candles, roses and fragrances play an essential role in such type of atmosphere which helps in maintaining confidence on honeymoon night.

Honeymoon is such an important moment in every married couple’s life which will never come back again so it should be memorable. In this, newlywed couple get closer to each other. So, it is essential for both that while planning for honeymoon, certain things should be keep in mind. Following incorporates the methods of honeymoon.

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