Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Sound Principle – Sound Bytes Are An Integral Part of Good Presentations!

Many of us tend to take sound for granted, without any real appreciation of the key role it plays in enhancing the importance of presentations. In reality, nearly 40 per cent of the overall impact of any audio-visual communication comes from its soundtrack. Not convinced? Try these…

 Watch an exciting action movie sequence with the sound muted

 Watch your scariest horror movie scene with the sound muted

 Watch a sentimental scene from a romantic movie with the sound muted

 Watch your favourite television commercial with the sound muted

 Watch the coolest music video with the sound muted

Got the picture? The secret of making an impact with your presentation lies, to a great extent, on the soundtrack. The problem with a conventional PowerPoint presentation is that its where to buy digibyte final impact depends entirely on the skills and abilities of the presenter who handles it — in particular, his voice, modulation, tone and accent. Invariably, this varies from person to person, as a result of which the presentation lacks consistency.

The ideal solution lies in using digital presentations with a full-bodied soundtrack comprising:

 Professional voiceover(s)

 Background music

 Special effects (crashes, echoes, ambient sounds, etc)

 Swishes accompanying the supers

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