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Condoms – A Mans Ally in Unwanted Pregnancies and STDS

Men condoms are most likely the most trouble-free and a most affordable form of contraceptive known to people. It is a contraceptive gadget made out of latex; also of lambskin and polyurethane. They are singly packaged and wrapped in foil. They also come in a wide rage of colors, sizes, shapes and flavors.

The most commonly availed condoms come with a reservoir tip, where there is a tiny space located at the tip to reduce the chances of them being broken. However, there are also the non reservoir tip condoms which are totally cylindrical in shape; have the condom right form and take on the contours of the penis down from the base while being a little enlarged at the front. Condoms also come with accessories to augment the sensation of your partner while having sexual intercourse. These condoms come in various styles. There is the studded style wherein condoms are studded; the ribbed, which have raised or lifted lines next to the shafts; and the specially shaped contraceptive devices which have pouch-like enlargements right close to the tip.

Allergies To Certain Materials

While for those having allergies to rubber latex, the lambskin as well as the polyurethane condoms are suggested. The lambskin condoms appear much thinner and have a longer shelf life as when compared to latex; while polyurethane condoms are inclined to break and be more costly. So, it would be better if you and your partner will make use of the latex condoms for your sexual pleasures. And while most of the condoms come with lubricants which can be by water or oil; they can all assure you that there shall be less friction and breakage. So, if you are inclined to be active in very dynamic sexual activities, the lubricants which are water-based are the ones you should use. This is because oil lubricants might just lessen the elasticity of your latex condoms if used. And what happens is there might be a slip-off.

Non-Lubricated Condoms

For those who have sensitivity to lubricants, there are the non-lubricated condoms. They have very little amounts of nonoxynol-9, a spermicidal compound known to be effective in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy although there are recent studies which show that it may not actually be very effective as the other compounds in the prevention of AIDS or the HIV infection.

Benzocaine, on the other hand, numbs the penis and allows for a more prolonged erection, extending and putting the sexual activity to hype and therefore prolonging the sexual satisfaction and pleasures of your partner. While there are several reports of being favorable when used; there are also some who do not agree with the claimed features of these condoms.

How To Use

First and foremost, the best way to avoid the condom from sticking when you roll it is by using and dusting some cornstarch on it. They are then slipped into the men erect private organ. Remember though that the condoms must be taken off right away so as to prevent leakage or slip-off that might possibly cause a pregnancy or transmission of unwanted sexual diseases. Although there are some people who disagree in using condoms and prefer to do things naturally.

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