Wednesday, May 25, 2022

How to access KickAss Torrents (KAT) – Weekly Post

There was a time when movies were made to be watched on the big screen. Of course now a day too they are being made for the same purpose, but our view have changed we first look out for reviews and critics on a particular movie, ask around if the movie is good or bad, is it worth watching or not and after a considerable time decide not to go to the theater but download a HD (High Definition) print and watch it in the comforts of our home. The great thing about watching movies at home is that no one will be there to disturb you; you can rewind the best scenes of a particular movie. This is all possible due to the eminent presence of internet in our lives. Internet not only allows us to splurge in to a world of information but also the world of sharing digital files among ourselves.

Seedboxes has made it possible for us to upload and download movies, music albums, picture galleries, loads of digital files within minutes. It can be understood as a dedicated private server which is only used for the purpose of sharing, uploading or downloading digital files. Thus technically a personal computer or a laptop can also be designated seedbox if it satisfies the technical specifications Kickass. They generally make use of torrent protocols or edonkey2000 networks to do their chores. Their basic feature which makes them stand among the crowd is the ultra high speed they offer. They offer such speeds that even files up to 2 GB can be downloaded in as low as 2 minutes.

Most of the people do not know such technical jargons and know only that movies can be downloaded using software like utorrent and torrents can be found at different sites like bittorrents, seederpeer, mininova, isohunt torrentz, torrentreactor etc thehiltonian. There are seeders who upload and there are lechers who download, after downloading a certain part of the full movie or full album, the lecher becomes a seeder for another person, like wise the ratio is maintained between seeders and peers. The downloading process makes use of protocols like FTP, HTTP, SFTP etc and allows anonymity which is an added advantage. Seedboxes can run on most of the operating systems available in the market like windows, Mac or Linux. They have the added merit of providing ultra high speeds which is of great help when the bigger picture is taken into view.

There are professional seedbox hosting companies in the market now a day that provide all these facilities for a nominal amount of fee. The various features they provide are worth the fee and it is not at all advisable to convert your home Personal Computer or laptop into a seedbox as it will be susceptible to many a dangers of this internet world like hacking or virus attack. Backup becomes an major issue if you choose to host your own seedbox because of the syncing issues between the laptop and the host.

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