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Mother And Baby – Baby Teeth

It seems right to see why expecting mothers are nervous about their first child. After all, having a baby is a great milestone for many women and the duty does not end right after having a baby. It is true that being pregnant has its own precautions but after a baby is born, the duties tend to rise ten-fold and the mother and baby relationship becomes even more demanding. There are numerous books one can find regarding baby care literature and there are many baby websites as well. In this article, I will shed some light on the baby care points just now that you are starting on your journey of motherhood.

Talking about baby teeth, it is always a good idea to start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they start to arrive. If you practice this, your baby will get used to having their teeth cleaned. This can especially be helpful in the years later on when you might have to nudge your kid every time to brush his or her teeth. Babies exhibit variety as to when their teeth come out so do not worry if your 香港月子中心 baby’s teeth come out too soon or too late. Some babies have their teeth out before they are born while for other babies, teeth might not come out until they are almost 1 year old. However, as a general rule of thumb, all your baby’s milk teeth should come out by two and a half years of age.

At first you may find it easier to clean your baby’s teeth with muslin dabbed with a little tooth paste and simply wipe your baby’s teeth with your little finger. If you want to use a brush, you should get one with a rounded head with varied length of bristles. This will allow you to reach the nooks and corners of the mouth in order to provide a thorough clean. Moreover, the fluoride levels should be checked on the toothpastes.

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