Sunday, May 29, 2022

Stop the Rollercoaster Please – Fixing Run Away Food Cost

We all love the excitement of a good rollercoaster ride. From the heights of the first drop the depths of the deepest valley you will hear screams of joy. Arms in the air, wind at our faces nothing is as exhilarating. But when it comes to graphing food cost we want a steady incline that shows mastery of the second (or maybe first in some cases) greatest expense of a restaurant. Here are some quick easy steps to control your food cost starting today and put more money in your pocket in the way of bonuses or profits.

Do you know how to place a proper food order? So many managers in a restaurant say “I don’t need a par stock, I KNOW what I need.” Stop lying to yourself. If your inventory exceeds 10 products you need a par stock sheet and it needs to be updated often. I know managers that update before every order, keep only about one and a half days worth of food on inventory and rarely run out of product. When they do it is from better than expected sales! This is a good problem to have.

Do you verify your order when it is received? Do not let just anyone accept your food order. This person must be trained on storage, verification and food safety at the least. They must be able to count, recognize cases and food, know what freezer burn is, what defrosted and re-frozen boxes look like, what fresh product look like and what it should weigh. I can’t tell you how many times a 25 pound box of tomatoes had only 22 or 23 pounds in it.

Do you have posted prep lists? These should be updated daily and contain real usage amounts. If you sell 100 of something a day only prep 120. Don’t finish a case out just to “get ahead” tomorrow. Follow up on your staff. Spot check weights, quality and quantity. If you don’t your staff will do what they think is needed.

Do you have a recorded waste program? You staff needs a place to throw away food only. Review this can for excessive food waste, over prepped items and mistakes from the cook line. Write down and track waste amounts. Establish goals for reducing waste and celebrate successes.

Do you inventory major cost items daily? You must inventory your food with visual count daily and compare that to what was rung up as sales. When a discrepancy is found you must spend time understanding what happened. If you can’t track the food the only reason left is theft. To many managers make the mistake of assuming 먹튀폴리스 either their staff steals too much or does not steal at all. Truth is you staff will do what you allow them to do. Grazing while prepping is taught from watching our parents cook at home. You have to catch them and discipline as necessary.

Do you count your entire food inventory every week? You must count everything. Restaurant chains experiment with counting weekly, monthly or not at all. Then as food gets out of hand they revert back to what works. A weekly count. As soon as you let up on counting you are giving away profits.

Do you know how to track a food cost problem? After counting your inventory and discovering a problem you must be able to figure out what happened and develop a plan to fix it. DO not give up food cost control can be frustrating, just keep searching and digging.

You will improve your food cost only if you focus on it daily, train your staff and hold them accountable for the results produced. Talk to your staff, every day about inventory, prep and waste. Talk them through cooking and plating. Give them feedback at the end of the shift. Set goals and review results with every one that touches your food. The rollercoaster will turn into an incline if you take the necessary step

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