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What is a Poker Bonus?

Online gambling is a massive, worldwide industry. The proliferation of high-stakes televised poker tournaments has generated serious interest in the game of poker, and Texas Hold’em poker in particular. Online poker rooms have to find ways to remain competitive, and towards that end, they develop promotional strategies to attract poker players on the Internet.

A poker bonus is basically promotional cash that online poker rooms offer in order to drive traffic to their websites. New players will want to shop around before taking a particular signup offer. First-time members are entitled to free money for opening an account. If you take the time to read the fine print, you can really take advantage of all the poker bonus offers that are out there online.

Poker bonuses come in a few different forms. There are no-deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, loyalty and re-load bonuses.

Many poker sites offer no deposit bonuses. These online casinos give you bonus cash to play with, even before you’ve made an initial deposit. It’s important that you understand the restrictions that apply to these no-deposit bonuses. Some online poker rooms will only let you apply your no-deposit bonus to certain games. Make sure that the casino game you wish to play is not excluded by the restrictions. Other rules may apply to no deposit bonuses. Some sites require you to play a minimal amount of times in order to collect your promotional money. Online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses as a means of allowing new players to test their site. These places want to make sure that your spending time in their poker rooms, so that’s why the time and minimal playing restrictions are applied.

A deposit bonus is extra cash you receive when you fund your account. Deposit bonuses are typically offered when you sign up to an online poker room. Party Poker will give you $100 for depositing $500 into your account when you signup. To earn this bonus, you need to play in at least 500 raked hands. Deposit bonuses pay you to do what you’d normally do, play poker. If you take advantage of the deposit bonuses offered by multiple websites, you could earn a nice bankroll before you know it.

Online Casinos: Then & Now

Unlike signup bonuses, reload bonuses are available for new and existing customers. If you’ve already played at every online poker room on the net, you’re not likely to receive another signup bonus DewaQQ. To keep players coming back, poker sites will offer periodic re-load bonuses where you get an extra percentage back for refunding your account. Poker Stars does not offer signup bonuses, but they do have frequent reload promotions.

PKR launched in August of 2006, and was dubbed the next generation in online poker for their innovative real-time, 3D poker capabilities. With a unique software platform already immensely popular with their rapidly growing player base, PKR saw fit to upgrade the software nearly a year later in May of 2007.

The overhaul of PKR’s poker software, upgrade version v1.2, saw the incorporation of unique features, some never before seen in the Internet poker industry. The update included a new ‘Met Bar’ environment, a new tournament ranking and leader board system, plus new avatar animations and customization abilities.

The ‘Met Bar’ is a complete virtual environment. 3D PKR poker players are offered a complete panoramic view of the urban-style bar, with the inclusion of window views. The floor to ceiling windows provide an outstanding view of the city skyline, adding to the realistic effect of the 3D poker room.

Avatar customization was upgraded to allow players even more control over their virtual appearance. Players could now adjust the weight of their 3D character. Whether creating a true representation of themselves, or an alter ego, the weight range could now climb from waif-like appearance to bulbous features.

New clothing was added, including sporting paraphernalia like rugby and football shirts. A wider range of tattoo selections, headphones, earrings, body piercings and other fashionable accessories were integrated.

PKR Poker’s Tournament Ranking and Leader Board features received a system upgrade as well. All real money players now receive sit n go and multi-table rankings that reflect their recent actions and results, rather than over time, giving new players the ability to move up the rank ladder more quickly. This system also allows PKR members to receive monthly prizes and promotional offerings each month based on their leader board performance.

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