Thursday, August 11, 2022

Being a Better Blogger – The Dangers of Blogging

Blogs have been around for quite some time now; long enough for people to know better – when the words go out into the world wide web, thousands and thousands and thousands may read those words. It is not a private journal that you and only you have access to. And yet, every day there are thosesurprised folks who’s blog comments make a splash, hit the news or come back to haunt them. This is especially true of those who believe ‘no one reads their blog: ‘If no one reads it who cares what I say?’

This is a dangerous viewpoint. What if you say something libelous about another individual? What you may see as an innocent unread comment, could be defamation of character Sherry dyson. It could be actionable.

Always write as if someone is reading. It’ll give you just the little pause you need if you’re an emotional or impulsive writer. Do you really want these words read? Really?

But, blogging is not just set up for personal usage. Many of them follow different themes such as: sports, politics, philosophy, social commentary, etc. In this way, it turns into a medium in which people could share some of their knowledge and views on a assortment of topics and subjects. A lot of bloggers will use their blogs as a means to advertise and make money. Numerous authors promote their books on their blogs. And there are others, who will use them to make views on current issues, outcomes, news and disasters.

Today in the education field, blogs play an crucial part in our society. Professors in college use blogs to document their lessons that they may have talked about and taught that day. In this way, students who have missed classes, can easily pick up on their missed assignments. Many entrepreneurs do good from blogging by advertising their businesses, with millions of people logging into the internet each and every day, blogging has become a profitable movement for them. Many who run internet businesses advertise their products online.

But, simply by far, the most popular type is the one that takes the form of a personal journal. As this is the one that is generally utilized by people who are first starting out. People who prefer to document their day by day personal struggle of their daily lives, poems, rants, thoughts, find that it offers them a culture medium in which to convey themselves. They all vary in topics, themes, and set-ups, and can be found in blog directories. For people who want to get an idea of what the blogging world is all about can surf through using these directories. This way they would begin to get an idea of what these communities are about.

The road to publication for a blog is as long as it takes you to write the post. Boom, click, and there it is. The speed with which your words find their way to an audience can be addictive. Speed is dangerous. It means you’re not taking your time with a post. You’re not re-reading. You’re not sleeping on a post. You’re not being careful with grammar and spelling.

Are these things really that important in the blog world? Well, if you’re presenting yourself as a writer, as someone with knowledge, as an expert on a situation, a hastily published post will only serve to lessen your credibility.

To be aware of the dangers of blogging is not about stifling creativity. It’s not about writing a robotic emotionless post just to avoid every issue and any problems. It’s about knowing what the blogosphere is like and being proud of having your writing exist in that world. If you’re proud to have your writing out there for everyone to read, forever, then get blogging!

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