Thursday, August 11, 2022

Can a WordPress Blog Broker Peace During Wars? The Israel Palestine Example

Being apolitical in recent days is becoming quite difficult, especially when multiple parts of the world are drawn into armed conflicts with millions of people at risk. The concept of innocent people being killed for economic or political reasons is unbearable and hurts the conscience of billions of people globally. Can a simple blogging platform help in brokering peace by exposing the ground reality and communicating the misery of the people stuck in these situations? Over the past few years, several blogs carrying news and views on Israel and Palestine have gained popularity.

Reaching Out

There are numerous WordPress blogs which are made for and by the people in the war torn zones including the Gaza Strip. The blogs mainly aim at being a community mouthpiece and are usually written by enthusiastic local journalists or youngsters who are looking at getting help from the International Community Sherry Dyson. A young female blogger in Palestine, regularly posts photographs and updates from her Bomb Shelter near the Gaza Strip. Her main aim is to show the world why there is an urgent need to intervene and stop the conflict. She also uses several plugins and widgets to compile live tweets and feeds from other similar blogs, to highlight the intensity of the situation on the ground.

Getting Aid

Numerous blogs setup by Local and International Organisations are appealing for donations and allowing you to track your donations through their blogs. You can track the utilization of your donation and see how it is being utilized to alleviate the suffering of the war affected. Some blogs have implemented widgets which help you track the donations on a line graph.

Many blogs are also asking for donations in kind, especially for coordinating the donation of blood, donating clothes, utensils, blankets and other daily essential commodities including medical supplies. WordPress Blogs have helped in the coordination of truckloads worth of medical aid to people in the war zone.

Hope For The Missing

Websites and blogs for missing children in the war zone have enabled many children to be identified and reunited with their family. Some blogs also have information about missing Senior Citizens who were separated from their family or have been unable to speak due to injuries.

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