Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Blogs As a Marketing Tool – Be Yourself and Make a Good Living Online

I have been using blogs as a marketing tool for about a year, and I am very happy with the results. I generally will set up a WordPress blog around a central theme. I like to think of each blog as a tree with many branches. The branches are usually mini websites like Blogger, Squidoo, and others. The leaves on my branches are original articles that I create to market around each topic. Article marketing is fun, and perfect for when you are narrowing down the focus of a large blog. For me, internet marketing has become much easier with blogs.

There was a time when I hand coded my websites with HTML, and tried optimizing for this or that keyword. They were always dismal failures, and I made perhaps $15 a year Many internet marketers underestimate the power of blogs as marketing tools. They can be optimized easily, updated with fresh content regularly, and search engines love them. I now proudly make a living online, and I can credit a lot of my earnings to blogs.

With blogs, you can release your creative genius and make it whatever you can imagine it to be. Some of the most popular blogs online are not those that rehash a lot of yesterday’s news, but ones that have fresh original thinkers behind them. Even your observances of life around you can gain you a following online. The beauty of the blog is that you are not alone, and there are others who will relate to your thinking. Blog about your hobbies, your life, your lessons, and consider using your blog as a marketing tool. Recommend, be humorous, and make a blog your own.

Here’s the great part now. People who are reading your page (which is about dancing of course!) will be interested in… DANCING! So they’ll be checking out the rest of your page for anything they can see about dancing. They’ll see a few of the terrific adverts you’ve worked so hard to put up. One will direct them to a page to learn about dancing, another to find dancing teachers etc. as above. Then comes the good news. They’re going to click on it to be taken to that page – and here’s where Google AdSense kicks in!

You’re going to receive some extra bonus spending pocket money for all your hard work. Once a person clicks on that small advert, you’ll be paid anywhere from 20 American cents to perhaps even 40 or 50 cents. (This is all dependent upon complex programming by Google, and can only be understood through a lot more learning than a short article like this!) Now… everyone gets happy. You see, Mrs Dancing Teacher really wants you to see her page, so she has already registered with Google and paid them for this advert. In fact, she may have paid them a dollar for each time the advert is clicked upon. What’s a dollar, if she can get you to order her latest $500 fancy dance moves video?! Google are happy because they got the $1 already from the dance teacher, and because you’ve helped, Google wants you to share in the profit, so they give you some 30 cents or the like. There you go, everyone is happy and everyone wins!

In summary, that’s how many sites are able to continue without any payment at all. It’s called advertising, and the sponsors are to be thanked for all their help. They feel that these pages are really helping them generate business. And of course, those using these facilities are grateful for their terrific work that they do too. So one puts up their advert and hope and pray that others will want to learn more about their things – which they often do want! Once they do, we all win, and through these advertisers supporting those using AdSense, they can continue to publish even more of the things they enjoy writing about. Of course, there are not just a few experts out there using AdSense. Practically every web page does today. And we all do it to help each other. Naturally, clicking on the adverts for no purpose is theft, as is doing so just for the sake of helping your buddy bring in a few extra bob. By the way, don’t think you can click on your adverts on the page. Once Google sees you’re doing this (just call them BIG BROTHER), they’ll simply cancel your account. You’ve got to be fair and honest (not only with Google, but with everyone else in the world as well!)

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