Saturday, November 27, 2021

Managing Email – 5 Top Tips to Managing Your Email at Work

The volume of email that comes into our business email accounts each day is becoming ridiculous! Managing email can take up a large proportion of the working day. The expectation that you should be on top of everything that goes on in the company because you have been copied on millions of emails is probably making you less efficient and taking away time from what you are supposed to be doing, your job!

Estimates vary greatly by country and report but it seems that the number of business emails sent and received per person per day ranges from 50 to 180! How much of this email is really relevant to your own job and how much is ‘for info’? The chances are if you really need to know it you will find it out some other way.

Answer your emails in batches GoDaddy email login. Try to answer each email immediately, rather than having to look at it again later. As any time management course will tell you, this will save you time both in terms of double handling and in the time it takes to get your concentration back onto whatever it was you were doing before you ‘took a break’ to answer your emails. (Come on, you know that is why you checked them!)

If you cannot answer an email immediately i.e. if it requires a lot of work or you need to get information from elsewhere before answering, then set a reminder. Some people recommend a “to do” folder but I find it better to leave unanswered emails in your inbox and change a colour, add a star or link to your tasks depending on the email client you use.

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