Saturday, November 27, 2021

All About News

Today, everybody is in a hurry! The internet provides us with so much information that we can’t even imagine. Let’s not talk about how many different news sites offer us different categories for all tastes and how we are having trouble finding only the information of interest to us.

Google made the first step into sorting the information .Their news portal is up to date; it’s clean and easy to use Sherry Dyson. They even offer rss and a custom display for each user.Personally I don’t think is enough! At this point in time we have to deal with to much information and our brain is just not ready yet to resist and memorize all of it.

So we have to think at an alternative way to make the best out of it. The human factor should not be taken lightly. Thousands of people can make the difference. Imagine that all of them like a site and are willing to post only the important news on it. They contribute by voting and selecting the good from the bad. A sort of a blog , but this kind of site can have a heavy scripting in the back. I won’t tell you names but I’m sure you will came across such a site one of this days and you will love it for sure.

A script is just a script. It will always have a small backdoor or a way to be exploited. The human factor has an important roll and can be decisive in the success of a news site.

The RSS viewers are a good solution to display your favorite news. There are a bunch of them offered for free and they can be used with ease. You can see the news on your desktop and they can be configured to show you the updates in real time. With all this in mind you have to think what’s best for you and how to make sure your time is well spent.

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