Thursday, June 30, 2022

Are There Ways To Save Money On A Wedding?

On average, a wedding costs about HKD200,000, which is about USD25,500. This is not a small amount indeed. Couples may want to save money on your wedding. The money saved can be used for the sweet honeymoon. However, do you know the ways to save money on your wedding?

Once you decide to get married, you will need to prepare a lot of items. This includes the wedding venue, catering services, liquors, wedding photography, wedding favors and wedding stationery. You can spend less and save money on these items. I will try to explain how you can do it in the case of Hong Kong.

The first thing you need to think about is the wedding venue. You may want to have your wedding in a five star hotel but this certainly means a higher budget. If you are going for a less formal wedding reception, you may consider the idea of beach wedding. You can rent the spaces on a beach from the government and this will only cost you a few thousand Hong Kong dollars.

For the catering service, if you follow the first step, you can try to get a company which offer outdoor catering services. This will be a lot cheaper than having the wedding reception in a catering hotel ballroom. A wedding reception in a hotel will probably cost you HKD160,000 for two hundred guests but a wedding reception on the beach may only cost you less than half.

Besides, you should always prepare and bring the liquor yourself, the cost of liquor provided by the catering services can be twice the cost of bringing the liquor yourself. You can shop around and compare what are the liquors you find the most acceptable, and at the same time meet your budget.

Considering the wedding photography, normally I will suggest a couple to hire two photographers since you can still get your wedding photos even in a cast that there is something wrong with the camera of one of the photographers. If you are so determined to save money, however, I will suggest you hire only one photographer who charges you a low price.

Then you can ask your friends and relatives to take snap shots and other photos during your wedding so that you can still take the safety measures without any difficulty.

You should try to make the wedding favor yourself. You may try to make some chocolates on your own and use them as wedding favors. This does not only help you save money but will also impress your guests. Since the wedding favors are made from your heart and it will be the most unique wedding favors in the world.

In Hong Kong, wedding stationery mainly refer to the invitation. Items like RSVP and Thank You Card are not a must in the tradition of Hong Kong. You can consider printing the invitation yourself. You can download some free cliparts from the internet and compose your own wedding invitation. Then you print the wedding cards yourself with your printer at home.

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