Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Some Different Ways of Getting Backlinks

When it comes to link building strategies, you should always keep your eyes opened for new ideas. One of my favorite backlinks building strategies is scraping backlinks from your competition. It is really the easiest way of getting good quality inbound links.

So how to do that? Type your desired keyword in Google and analyze the top ten results scrape google search results. Then exclude all big guys, like Amazon, Nextag etc. from results. From all other results, analyze backlinks using a site; Yahoo or Backlinkwatch. com. You can see all theirs links and see witch tactic they used. You can see if links are nofollow and witch anchor text did they used. So now, you just need to repeat same tactic that worked so well for these web masters.

The other great thing for building inbound links is RSS feed. Today’s internet users looking for information not only trough search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing, but also trough RSS feeds. If your page has a lot of new content, you should attract internet users by offering them your RSS feed. Web surfers are reading multiple feeds trough feed readers and can find what they looking for really quickly. If you give them your feed, many of them will link back to you.

And maybe the best backlink building way is directory submission. There are literally thousands of web directories that you can submit your page. Great thing is that you submitting your page to sub directory that is relevant to your page. However, here you should be careful, and choose only SEO friendly directories.

If you love to deer hunt, obviously the goal is to end up with a trophy deer, one that other hunters would be in awe of. To succeed, you need to develop sound scouting habits. A common mistake made by hunters is to believe that scouting begins only a month or two before actual deer season but in truth, you need to prepare for great trophy deer hunting all year round. In other words, even during off season months you should be scouting. That way, once the hunting season opens you have a huge advantage.

If you are a huge trophy deer hunting enthusiast, you have all year to learn and plan for open season. In fact, when done right you can gain tremendous insight to increase your odds of getting that trophy deer. The following are great tips for scouting deer, which could be done all year long.

Everywhere you turn on the internet today there seems to be someone touting their affiliate program or business opportunity. I have only been working on the internet for a few months and believe me I figured out quickly that the advice out there can be worthless and downright wrong, so it pays to only take advice from those who have what you want, even if it means paying a bit more for it.

Using this ethos I sort the advice of people who had gone before and had the results to prove it. I quickly learned that Google’s AdSense program and some top notch affiliate programs would be my best options so I got started building websites. The trick I learned was to target small amounts of traffic from lots of different topics. For example, we all know that it can be extremely hard if not impossible to rank for keywords that attract a lot of traffic from the big three search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN, so instead of wasting your time (especially when you are a newbie) target keywords that are going to be easier to rank for and only have a small amount of traffic each day. Then go out and build a large number of websites in different niches.

I followed a plan over the first few weeks and have built dozens of small sites placing AdSense code and affiliate links on all of them which worked like magic.

Firstly I would use Wordtracker and Overture to find topics typically with 1000-2000 hits per month in MSN. Then to analyze the competition I found a product called SEO Explosion which does the job very well and then I would analyze keywords on their viability to rank well for. This process was then repeated over and over again with incredible success.

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