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3 Guidelines For Choosing The Best Coffee Maker

Recent advances in coffee brewing technology has spawned an immense range of coffee machine types and styles that are affordable to the average consumer. Gone are the days when you could go into a store and only have to make a buying decision based on a couple of popular brand name machines or models. Finding the best coffee maker today is going to take you a bit of work!

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1. Consider your coffee drinking habits and tastes

It is essential that you do some self-reflection concerning your coffee drinking needs and wants before you charge out and purchase your next coffee machine. Consider factors such as the kind of coffee you like to drink, how often in a day you drink coffee, how much can you afford to spend and even the amount of kitchen space you have for a coffee machine. Once this exercise is done you are ready for the next big decision.

2. Do I want an espresso or a non espresso coffee machine?

Espresso coffee brewers are the generally regarded as the deluxe versions of all coffee machines and this is reflected in their price tag. Still if you consider yourself a coffee drinking connoisseur, then you may be willing to spend hundreds of dollars on this type of a coffee maker. Besides the higher price tag other considerations you need coffee capsule machine hong kong to make include

-limited to one cup of coffee at a time in most household models

-need for cleaning the machine after each use

-make a more powerful or strong coffee drink than other brewing methods

-able to make a variety of coffee styles such as espresso and lattes

-come in three types- semi-automatic, fully automatic and super automated version

-the more automatic, the higher the purchase price and the more options available including built-in coffee grinders, self cleaning features, etc.

If you are not consumed by the need to drink fancy coffee drinks and would rather have a pot of coffee rather than just one cup available, more or less on demand, then perhaps a non espresso coffee brewer is for you. There is more choice available as well, along with the greater volume of coffee that can be brewed at one time. Consider these features of non-espresso coffee machines:

-available in coffee drip machines (automatic and manual) modes, French Press styles and the new pod system

-capable of making greater volumes of coffee at one time, 10-12 cups is normal, however some machines will make 100s of cups in one brew cycle

-option to purchase single cup coffee machines if coffee volume isn’t important

-cheaper to purchase and much less cleaning and maintenance than with espresso machines

-good selection of brand names, types, styles and even special colors

-easy to use, set and go about your day

-hundreds of coffee flavors available including specialty coffees for the one-cup pod machines

3. Finding Your best coffee maker

This is when things can get fun, believe it or not! Supplied with your newly acquired information you can now target particular brands of coffee machines within the type that you desire, for example drip coffee machines, manual or automated, and begin to do some research to see what consumers are discussing about specific brand names. For this objective, the Internet is a great research tool as there are numerous review and testing websites available to you using just an easy finger tap of a PC mouse button. It is essential that you focus your search on review sites that offer independent testing results combined with consumer feedback on the coffee makers being featured. Otherwise you may be basing your buying decision on simply hype and self-promotion by the website creator and not the truth about the coffee machines being reviewed.

Let the games begin! Pour yourself a cup of tea (if you don’t currently own a coffee maker) and let the search for the best coffee maker commence!

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