Saturday, May 21, 2022

Article Marketing Computer Software – Can You Compete?

Today, the evolution of online article marketing is advancing and the game has changed. It’s not just human knowledge being distributed in this informational marketing motif, but rather it has been turned into a game by folks who care more about SEO schemes, incoming links, and putting up so many articles that they own the category, regardless of the knowledge they have in the industry, or information they give to the reader.

Luckily, most article marketers aren’t like that, and rather they deliver on the article titles they create, and give important information to their readers, adding credibility, and valuable content to the array of human knowledge on the internet. But now a good number of article marketers find it difficult to compete with the onslaught of computer generated articles.

The question with Article Marketing Computer Software is; Can You Compete? The answer is yes, and let me tell you why. You see, so far the articles created by these computer programs are less than to be desired, and those who use them for online marketing aren’t using the best technology, more like third grade’sih 1996 versions with a few extra algorithmic tricks, but certainly not state-of-the-art.

The good stuff is being used by intelligence agencies to change the narrative online and assist in bringing down corrupt regimes in the third world via online media. However, you can bet that since there is a profit motive here, that one day, perhaps soon these upper-end technologies of article and literary work AI programs will hit the scene in the online article marketing venue, just give it a few more years, and a creative genius to come around and put us all to shame with their massive abundance of volume.

Now then, there have been some less-than-intelligent human online article composers (posers) attempt to use derivative article creation software and take PLR vomit articles or cheaply written articles from India ($1-5 per article) – but the quality of these articles is so underwhelming and so obvious that even with that mass abundance, no one is so impressed. Besides that the top article sites won’t even accept them, which is a good thing, and very positive sign.

I have an interesting derogatory term I use for crummy content creation, I call it the “Yawn, Rise” method (a term I coined). First, the articles are so bad they make you “Yawn” as you read putting you to sleep, and definitely nothing that you’d re-Tweet. Secondly, the article composers appear to be brilliant and hard-working and we all watch their meteoric “Rise” in quantity, but under closer scrutiny the quality of course has been left to rot in the sun – and the fast “Yawn Rise” technique they use, proves what goes up must come down.

To compete in article marketing you must develop quality content, your articles must deliver on the promise of your title, and you need to put up original and pertinent information which helps your reader – if you aren’t doing that, then you are contributing to the clutter and you are part of the “Yawn Rise” problem I mentioned above. Please, if you are engaged in article writing for whatever reason – to give information to the world, or for informational marketing purposes – then do it right, or go find something else to do – “Yawn Rise!” is not where it’s at, and you can think on that.

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