Friday, October 07, 2022

Sherlock Holmes Great Escape in London for the Whole Family

Visiting London can be exciting for the whole family. When thinking of a wonderful family holiday, not many families think of a big city, but London has so much to offer, including the fun and exciting Sherlock Holmes Great Escape experience.

The Sherlock Holmes Great Escape experience is a great excursion for the entire family and is found in the heart of London. This live escape game gives you and your team sixty minutes to escape a room and be the best Sherlock Holmes you can be.

The aim is to crack the code by working together to get out of a room before you run out of time. It is a fantastic team building experience for companies visiting London, but also good fun for a family who want to have some fun in the city, ideal for wetter days.

The game gives the players a series of clues, which you find throughout the room. The clues comprise of puzzles, riddles and brain teasers which need to be solved to secure the answers. Using these clues you can ensure you and your team escape within the sixty-minute time frame.

Each room can accommodate between two to six players, and there are two rooms. This means companies can take groups of twelve to the experience and get two teams to work together to solve the clues and make their great escape. Each room has a different escape; this ensures the two teams cannot get in touch somehow and share information. The games keep changing so players can return hire bodyguard chauffeur driver time and time again to ensure that they have a new and exciting experience each and every time.

The rooms all have a Sherlock Holmes storyline, which makes it fun and exciting, giving everyone in the group a chance to become Sherlock Holmes for a day, test their skills and ability in order to help their group escape.

The Sherlock Holmes Great Escape experience is ideally located in the heart of London and very easy to find in Lime Harbour, within close proximity to the famous Canary Wharf. Visitors to the Canary Wharf can visit this experience and have a fun-filled hour that will provide them with memories that will last a lifetime.

If you have decided to stay in one of the luxury Canary Wharf hotels, in the heart of the business district, then you will be thrilled to note that the Sherlock Holmes Great Escape experience is only minutes from the Wharf. In fact, if you take the train it will take you six minutes, seven minutes by car and if you do decide to walk its a leisurely twenty-minute walk from some of the best hotels in the area, where you can relax and enjoy all the facilities and services that they provide.

Ensure that when you decide to take part in this experience, you take the time to book in advance. This is a very popular attraction that welcomes thousands each and every month from families to couples to business travellers. It is an affordable and fun way to spend an afternoon or morning and is something the entire family can get involved in.

Also, speak to your hotel’s concierge and see if they can make the arrangements for you. Often they will make your booking meet your itinerary, saving you time and energy in the long run.

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