Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Withdraw your Luck

  So, you want to earn on your luck but didn’t know how? Do you need it too? But you don’t have any knowledge about them, and Ok, It’s not a big deal you have to buy them because they are,

· Safe

· Investment

· Chance of Huge Prize

· Refundable

· Furthermore, No Expiry 

So, there are no limits for anyone to buy a Prize bond, and you can also buy as much as the bond you can. And to increase the chance of your winning. The more you invest in bonds, the higher your purchased bond’s winning rate.

And Because you have acquired a large number of bonds. And there is more chance for you that the winning bound is from your stocked bond. Also, The Prizes of the bond offered by the Pakistan government are

· And   100-/RS        (National Prize Bond)

·           200-/RS        (National )

· Also, 750-/RS        (National )

·          1,500-/RS     (National )

· Similarly 7,500-/RS     (National )

· 15,000-/RS   (National Prize)

· 25,000-/RS   (National )

· 40,000-/RS  (Premium )

So, until the termination of its scheme by the government Also, you can refund your bond. And Mean, there is no expiry of that.

The expiry of the Prize bond money is six years. Rules So, its results are about 24 times each year. And the winner’s number is between the 1 to 1 million numbers sold in the quarterly period.

Also, the prize bond result is based on luck. And, the process is purely by notable children. The hands-on mechanical system is under the supervision of the government—officials in the presence of the public to minimize any cheating and technical error.

Schedule So, they sell them in the specific period as scheduled. Also, The prize bond schedule. mentioned by the state bank of Pakistan is working hours of working days of the week Monday       (09:00 AM-04:00 PM) Tuesday       (09:00 AM-04:00 PM) Wednesday (09:00 AM-04:00 PM), Thursday      (09:00 AM-04:00 PM) Friday            (09:00 AM-04:00 PM) And with the break of lunchtime and Jumma Prayer time on Friday The Draw Held Each year on

· And Also, 1st Working day or month.

· And mid of the month on a working day.

And, the announcement of the same day before the draw that these Prize bond schedules were mainly the same. All the year somehow changes and if special occasions match their draw date.

Expert Guesses So, prize bond guess paper does not officially offer guess values. So, They update the guess paper. And You Can quickly get these guesses on social media platforms; these guesses were may be on

· Similarly, Facebook Pages

· And What’s App groups.

· Also, Instagram Pages

So, you can quickly get these guesses, but it’s all up to you. Your different people to have other guesses about the same draw. Also, the guesses are the same as the luck. There is no proper reason to follow these guesses. Because these draws are not linked with any analysis, It’s total luck-dependent. Following these guesses is all up to your luck, not their knowledge. Pakistan So, prize Bonds Pakistan is offered by the government of Pakistan, which is a loan to the government.

 Which helps both government and the public. And Prize bond Pakistan imposes with heavy tax for winners the amount of taxes forever winner is

· For 15% (For Filler citizen of Islamic State of Pakistan)

· And 30% (For Non-Filler citizens of the Islamic State of Pakistan)

And the winner has to pay this percentage amount from his winning Prize bond list. To the government of Pakistan as tax otherwise, he/she cannot get his winning amount. So, Prize bond Pakistan is of national.

And premium category according to purchase a range of buyer/Investor. And there was cheating and illegal activities in its sales in the late 1900 but now a day. they were crystal-clear method

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